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Auditing algorithms – the case of the Netherlands Court of Audit

Gallery: Digital Government

Type of Piece: Case

Highlights The Netherlands Court of Audit (NCA) has developed an audit framework that government and private-sector organizations can use to assess whether their algorithms meet specified quality criteria. It is intended to serve as a practical tool an…

Audit Innovation in Times of Crisis

Gallery: Events

Type of Piece: Webinar

“Audit Innovation in Times of Crisis”, a virtual meeting of the Auditors Alliance, took place on 23 September 2020 from 13.00-15.00 (CET). During the meeting, we launched the new online platform where you can connect with other members of the…

Strategic Foresight in Audit Institutions and Across the Public Sector

Gallery: Strategic Foresight

Type of Piece: What's in the gallery?

By adopting strategic foresight in the public sector, governments are better equipped to achieve policy objectives, respond to citizens and adapt to changing circumstances. Auditors play a critical role in this. They are increasingly going beyond their…